Photography Walks

EXPERIENTIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WALKS are short half day walks in the City, designed to provide YOU with varied types of practice grounds and experiences, to strengthen a genre you aim to get better at. This could be a visit to an event, a street, a festival, a heritage site or a part of the city. It is about 'The Experience.'

These workshops are HOLISTIC in format with THREE Modules: 

  1.  DEBRIEF SESSION:  Presentation with Illustrations and techniques 

  2.  FIELD TRIP:   Half-a-day trip to to parts of Bangalore along with on-the-feet guidance

  3.  IMAGE EVALUATION:  Receive feedback for chosen number of your pictures.

Walks emphasise on engaging YOU in various situations on field, working on your compositions and to chisel your technical proficiency. 

Photo Walk to Century Old

K R (City) Market

Photo Walk to Shivaji Nagar's Russell Market

Photo Walk to Pottery Town

Photo Walk to Royal Palaces

Photo Trip to temple of 


Photo Walk to Basavangudi



Kadalekkai Parishe"  a Photo Walk to the groundnut fair - featured in Sanjevani November 24, 2019

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"Photo walks with Hema are hard but they are absolutely worth it!"


- Natalia Rettich, September 2018

"GANAPATHI BAPPA MORIYA"  was a wonderful photography walk through this colorful Pottery Town. Thank you for guiding & teaching me Photography 

I really enjoyed this day together with you as an expert in photography and our group. I was so exited with taking pictures and learned a lot how to use my camera.

- Heike Wolf , September 2018

"GANAPATHI BAPPA MORIYA": "Thank you Hema, for teaching us and providing your knowledge in such kind, interesting and high professional way!


Thanks for this unique photowalk with you to shoot Ganesha and City Market. It was great first experience in understanding and using my camera. You motivated and encouraged me in my attempt to learn complicated art of photography."

- Natalia Rettich, September 2018


Gift photography workshop or photo trip

to a near and dear one


Gift it for an occasion or incentive & Customise it


Personal attention via  

1-to-1 coaching for self or others

Choose a genre or topic of your preference


Own or Gift a

Signed Photo Art or

Limited  edition on Canvas

or Art Paper or Prints

Corporate Gifting



Commercial Photo shoots

for Interiors, Home Decor, Product,  Architecture, Food & Office Space 

For commissioned Travel