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Ganapathi Bappa Moriya

Experiential Photo Walk to Pottery Town

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya - a popular shoutout at the start and during the festival of the elephant God, GANESHA  - one of the largest and one among the favourite Hindu festivals, in India. At the Potters town, many clay idols get their final touches and is abuzz with activity of artists, buyers and colours, not to forget the chaos. Potters also are busy making clay pots and lamps, a source of revenue for their livelihood. 

The Aura of the Ganesha's in the making is a sight to behold. And for a photographer, it throws up ample opportunities to work their creativity genes, and try compositions. Would you like to see the little world of the Potters and how their hands mould that 'Clay?'

Photo Walk Details

Dates       : Wait for 2022!

Duration  : 8.30AM - 12.30/1 PM

Approach: Short Debrief + 

                  Shoot on the Field

                  Image Review

Cost         : 2,100/- INR (inc. of Artist's fee)

"You have motivated me to learn the complicated Art"

Thank you Hema, for teaching us and providing your knowledge in such kind, interesting and high professional way!


Thanks for this unique photowalk with you to frame the Ganesha's! 


It was great first experience in understanding and using my camera. You motivated and encouraged me in my attempt to learn complicated art of photography."


Financial Consultant, Germany, 2018


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