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Genre Based

Photography Workshops

Genre Based Workshops are designed to provide thorough knowledge on Genres of Photography.  Learning Photography starts with understanding your Camera, first, prior to moving on to other disciplines. Each form has its specific Nuances, topics to master, techniques to adopt and equipment to use.  

These workshops are HOLISTIC in format with THREE Modules: 

  1.  Theory Session:      One or Half-day classroom session, for the specific Genre

  2.  Practical Session: Half-a-day field trip to experiment, with on-the-feet guidance 

  3.  Image Evaluation:  Receive feedback online for chosen number of your pictures.

Courses emphasise on a comprehensive approach - to attaining knowledge, experiment on field  and get feedback on images.


Architecture Photography Workshop



Night and Low  Light Photography

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Landscape Photography workshop

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KIDS CLICK: "As a beginner to photography, your workshop was motivating & fun. Loved  course divided into multiple levels for easy understanding. Loved her passion & teaching style - very encouraging. The workshop and Ms Hema have positively impacted my view of the craft.

- Aditi Battu, Student, May 2019

COMPOSE AND CONQUER: "Thanks for this photo workshop and photowalk. The field trip for this was really different from others. We learned to see the beauty and magic in details, in ordinary things, which are at the first view uninteresting. Some weeks ago I would not ever stop at a tree, fence etc. to make the pictures. 

- Natalia Rettich, October 2018

NUTS AND BOLTS: Hema, thank you for this awesome photo workshop. I am really proud of my pictures which I have taken. Thank you for excellent teaching and making me understand the Basics of Photography. Look forward to learning more from you.

- Heike Wolf, September 2018

NUTS AND BOLTS: My camera, the unknown thing for me for ages. Hema's basic workshop "Nuts and bolts" helped me in understanding what it takes to make better pictures & to become a friend of my Canon. Now things, like shutter speed, aperture and ISO are no longer secrets. Hema explains all complicated aspects in such simple words & apt illustrations. I can recommend her highly.

- Susanne Abel, August 2018

Your Workshops & Walks: "India wouldn't have been the same for me had I not learned to see it through a lens of a camera, with you! I will always treasure my memories and the knowledge you shared with me and teaching me my love for photography, right from the Basics to the importance of Composition and Framing. ​ Thank you so much Hema for being a wonderful teacher and for 'Compose & Conquer', workshop. You have made me a Photographer” 

- Sina Krickham, Photographer 2018





Gift photography workshop or photo trip

to a near and dear one


Gift it for an occasion or incentive & Customise it

Personal attention via  

1-to-1 coaching for self or others

Choose a genre or topic of your preference

Own or Gift a

Signed Photo Art or

Limited  edition on Canvas

or Art Paper or Prints

Corporate Gifting


Commercial Photo shoots

for Interiors, Home Decor, Product,  Architecture, Food & Office Space 

For commissioned Travel 

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