Heritage of Bhoganandishwara_low_Res
Heritage of Bhoganandishwara_low_Res

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Heritage of Bhoganandeeshwara

Experiential Photo Walk to Architectural Stamps of Five Dynasties

The architecture at Bhoganandeeshwara is extremely rare,as it holds the workmanship of five ruling dynasties of yesteryears. We see many temples in Bangalore, moreso in India. However this is a special one; special due to its uniqueness…

Does breathing life into ‘dated Architecture’ fascinate you? Does capturing ‘Indian Heritage’, interest you?

If so, this photography trip will give you that opportunity!

Photo Workshop Details

Dates       : TBA

Duration  : 6-7 hours (7.30AM-2PM)


Approach : Short Debrief + Half Day Field Trip +

                   Image Review

Cost         : 4,800/- INR


"You have triggered an insatiable appetite in me"


Aspiring Photographer, USA

"The workshop was great;your explanations made everything easy to understand. Learning

to use the camera on the field is amazing. You have given me the knowledge of the

camera and the compositions to try.

 You have triggered an insatiable appetite for photographing anything & everything.

I look at everything; architecture or streets, thinking how I can make unusual images!”

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