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Witness the Windsor

Photo Walk to the Bangalore Palace

Do Heritage and Architecture fascinate you?

Capturing their grandeur and bringing out life from these static yet royal monuments, in your frames is a challenge for any Photographer. Especially, when you are trying to frame "The Indian Windsor Castle" - the Bangalore Palace. Learn  the nuances of architecture photography, on the feet and experiment in the Royal Halls - as it is a wonderful way of diving into the art of Architecture Photography. 


Would you like to witness & frame the Royal Bangalore PalaceCome join me in Witnessing the Windsor and freezing it in your frames...

Glynns 9.jpg

Dates       : To be Announced 

Duration  : 9.30AM to 12.00 Noon


Approach :  Short Debrief Class +  On field Photography

                    Guidance +  Online Image Review

Cost         : 2,100/- INR + Palace Entry & Camera Fees

Venue      : Bangalore Palace

Seats .      : 12

What 'Team Palace'  had to say...

"You push me to produce high quality work!"

I have been a fan of your experiential photo Trips, Hema. I learn a lot each time. When I attended the Palaces trip to both Bangalore and Tipu Palace, I came back very pleased with my work. Your guidance is  excellent & you push me to produce high  quality work. Your feedback is so relevant.


Thanks for your comments ON my pictures. I think it's real hard work to shoot good pictures. Makes me proud if you like my work.  It gives me a reason to go forward with my hobby. ”


Avid Photographer, China

Student Gallery

Images taken by participating Photographers of this Photo Walk to the Royal Bangalore Palace

Group Images of Teams from various Photo Walks

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