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Mobile'o-graphy Mornings

Bangalore through your Mobile Camera

Before the days of smartphones, taking a good photo was a labor-intensive process -  buy a fancy camera and editing software  and invest serious time and energy into learning how to use them.  But, thanks to the mobile devices and the editing apps, we can now take high-quality photos and edit them without too many bells and whistles — all from the same device that we use to make calls.

Mobile'o-graphy Mornings will be a series of experiential photography walks using one’s Smartphone Cameras. Every one owns a mobile phone today which are highly sophisticated and come with good to superior cameras on them. The idea of this series of photo walks is to visit different places in the city of Bangalore, chosen based on different genres of photography and use our favorite mobile camera phones for creating images. Idea being to learn and test the camera phones you own and also putting its features to use. 

From the markets, massive parks to historical spots, cultural events and old Bangalore,   come, and frame them through your mobile phones.

Photo Walk Titbits

Dates        :  March 27, 2024 (Basavanagudi)

                     April 14, 2024 (Lalbagh Gardens)

Modules    :  THREE - Debrief + Walk + Review 


Approach  :  PreWalk: 45 minutes virtual class 

                      During Walk: 0.5 day field guidance 

                      Post Walk: Online Image Review

Walk Time : 8.15 AM to 12-12.15PM

Cost           : 2,100/- INR  (inc. of  modules & taxes)


Meeting at : Venue will be indicated

What 'Team Lalbagh'  had to say...

Thanks to Hema for this incredible half day photography walk to lalbagh. This outing was very well planned and I got to learn about the awesome features of my mobile camera that I never knew existed and the photography techniques that I thought could only be used with DSLRs.


The greenery, the weather and the friends altogether made it one of the best outings i was longing for during this covid period.I had a great time on this photo walk. Thank you Hema


Software Engineer, Capgemini

[Oct 2021 Participant]

Team in Action

Images of participating Photographers of the different Photo Walks in the City having some fun along the way.

Photographers taking a

moment to create a memory

for themselves.

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