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'Create Masterpieces'

Workshop on 'Travel' Photography

"I Read. I Travel. I Become!” - Derek Walcott

Why not ‘also’ capture these Travel experiences in an extraordinary manner?

Every country comes with its own culture and traditions.  Have you been intimidated by photographing people on the Streets?

Yet, have the desire to photograph portraits of people and their lifestyles? Wanted to see their world thru your camera &  click powerful and poignant street images? Like to get confident on the streets? 

Capture the narrative of Life go by and its People! Learn what is takes to make you  a better TRAVEL  Photographer!


Dates       : To be announced

Duration  : 2 Half days + Review

Cost         : 5,000/- or 5,700/- INR (Inc of

                  course content)

Venue      : Student premise / Hotel Hire

"You instruct based on one's strength & weakness"


Manager, Hospira, UK

"I came to the course knowing how to "Take"a picture. The course made me understand how to use your camera to "Make" a picture.


The classroom session gave me a very good understanding of all the elements that are involved in this genre.  And the field trip where we experimented, just "made" it complete. Thank You Hema !"


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