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Basics of Digital Photography - Level 1

Do you love the Art of Photography? 

Do you admire the Camera in your hand?

Have you wanted to move away from the  curse of the AUTO  buttons?

Give Me a 'Day of Your time' and I will make you a Better Photographer!

Equipping yourself with the Basics of Digital Photography' is crucial for learning about the potent device you hold in your hands!

Image by William Thomas
Image by Yael Yañez

                              COURSE TITBITS


Date          : TBA

Approach: 3 Modules - Theory (Day 1)  + Practical's

                   (Day 2) + Image Review (online)

Duration  :  8.30AM - 4PM (day 1) +

                    7.30 - 10.30AM (day 2)

Fees         : 6,800/-  (inc of 3 modules, course content & taxes)

Venue      :  Student Premise for Theory 

                    Place for practical's (will be decided)

What 'Team Basics'  had to say...

"What University could not teach me, 'YOU' did!"

“When I decided to do the"Basics of Photography" I thought I knew a lot about my camera. I was totally wrong! I had studied photography at an University, but it was so frustrating to have the idea of the possible result but never getting it right. You made A difference. I was never taught nor I learned technics like I did with you, Hema. I did’nt know, how to have a grasp over your camera.


What the University course could not teach me, 'YOU' did Hema!


Avid Photographer, France

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