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Basics of Digital Photography - Level 1

Do you love the Art of Photography? 

Do you admire the Camera in your hand?

Have you wanted to move away from the  curse of the AUTO  buttons?

Give Me a Day of Your time and I will make you a Better Photographer!

Equipping yourself with the Basics of Digital Photography' is crucial for learning about the potent device you hold in your hands!


Dates       : March  2023 - Dates TBA


 Modules    : 1 full day Theory course

                      1/2 day practicals with guidance

                       Online  Image Review for few images

Duration  : 1.5 days  (Theory + Practicals)

                   + Online Image Review

Cost         : 6,300/- INR +8% Tax (inc of  all the 3

                   modules +  Course Content)  

                   5,800/- INR + 8% Tax (for kids below 18) 

Venue.     : To Be Decided

What 'Team Basics'  had to say...

"What University could not teach me, 'YOU' did!"

“When I decided to do the"Basics of Photography" I thought I knew a lot about my camera. I was totally wrong! I had studied photography at an University, but it was so frustrating to have the idea of the possible result but never getting it right. You made A difference. I was never taught nor I learned technics like I did with you, Hema. I did’nt know, how to have a grasp over your camera.


What the University course could not teach me, 'YOU' did Hema!


Avid Photographer, France

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