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Photography Bootcamp for Children - Level 1

Gift  'Your Child' the Art of Seeing and a chance to learn the Science of Photography!

Jigsaw Puzzles intrigue the Children. There must be a reason why...

Because their brain looks for patterns in our world and engaging in puzzle solving is a true patterning activity when a young mind can put them together. Anything that puzzles them helps in the development of their creative brain. And what do they do when putting them together? They try to fit the shapes, forms, colours and images in coherence, even as their brains are focused on one activity! 


Likewise Photography intrigues children. They are fascinated by the ability to see the world in a whole new way and capture it with a device like a Camera.

Image by Markus Spiske

Date         : June 18 and 19, 2022

Approach: Theory (Day 1)  - 8.30AM to 3PM (with breaks)

                   Practicals (Day 2) - 7.30AM to 10.30AM +

                   Image Review (Online Student Database)

Duration  :  8.30AM - 3PM (day 1) +

                    7.30 - 10.30AM (day 2)

Fees         : 3,200/- (inc of three modules, guidance,

                   course content and applicable taxes)

Venue      :  Student Premise for Theory 

                    Place for practicals (will be decided)

"Very passionate photographer & encouraging teacher - Ms Hema"


Student, May 2019

As a beginner to photography and its various elements, Ms Hema’s Kids Click workshop proved to be very motivating and fun. From the technical aspects to the creative, I particularly appreciated that the workshop was divided into various levels so that the information was not overwhelming. Ms Hema proved to be not only a truly marvellous photographer but also an innovative & encouraging teacher. Her passion for photography was palpable throughout the workshop and has positively impacted my view of the craft.

Thank you, Ms Hema, for travelling around the world and sharing this wonderful art with us!


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