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The Art of Architecture

Workshop on Architecture Photography

“Architecture  should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness” - Frank  Gehry

We come across Monuments, Structures and Heritage architectures on every travel. Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves. Bringing Life into your photographs to depict the grandeur and class of the structures is a challenge for a photographer. Though it is a slow paced genre, the expertise a photographer needs with their gear, technical or composition skills is distinctly varied.

Ever wanted to  frame Marvellous images from Architectural Marvels?

This workshop will equip You with what it takes to become a Pro Architecture Photographer!

Through the Glass

Course     : LEVEL 1 Workshop

Dates       : To Be Announced

Duration  : 2 sessions (Theory +Guided 

                   Assignments + Online Image Review)  

Cost         : 3,500/- INR (inc of modules, 

                  & course content )

Venue      :  Online Class


"Gained much more than I ever expected...!"


Avid Photographer, Europe

“I have been a fan of your experiential photo Trips and workshops, Hema. I learn a lot each time. When I attended the Palaces trip to both Bangalore and Tipu Palace, I came back very pleased with my work learning Architecture Photography.  Your guidance is  excellent & you push me to produce high  quality work. Your feedback is so relevant.


Thanks for your comments ON my pictures.Makes me proud if you like my work.  It gives me a reason to go forward with my hobby. ”

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