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Compose And Conquer

Workshop on Compositions and Framing - Level 1

 “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes” – Goethe Everyone can have ‘A Camera’. But does that make everyone ‘A Good Photographer?’  

How you ‘Compose a photograph’ makes the difference in your narrative and turns you  into a Photographer who creates impactful Images.  In this workshop you will learn that Composition and Framing are key ingredients in creating a distinct & a unique photograph that stands out as well as is compelling story-teller. Your photographic style is determined by your Compositions. Equip yourself with various Techniques. 

Creation 1080.jpg

Dates       : April 2023  (Dates TBA

Duration  : Day 1: 8.30AM - 2.30-3.00PM

                   Day 2: 7-7.30AM - 10-10.30AM

Approach: 1. Theory Module

                  2.  Practicals with 1x1 guidance) 

                  3. Image Review

                  + Course Content

Cost         : 5,000/- INR

(includes all modules, course content and GST)


"India wouldn't have been the same if not for learning from to see thru the lens from You!"


Marathon Runner & Photographer

"India wouldn't have been the same India if I hadn't learned to see it through a lens of a camera, with you! I will always treasure my memories and the knowledge you shared with me and teaching me my love for photography, right from the Basics to the importance of Composition and Framing.

Thank you so much Hema for being a wonderful teacher and for 'Compose & Conquer', workshop.

You have made me a Photographer”

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