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Go Nutty at Kadalekkai Parishe

Experiential Photo Walk to the Annual Groundnut Fair

Cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, returns to its rustic roots each year, during the "Kadalekkai Parishe" - the annual ground nut fair.  Though Bangalore has grown to adopt contemporary ways, some charming cultural traditions are still practiced.  Groundnut fair is one of them, happening in one of oldest areas of the city. Basavanagudi - once a fertile farmland dedicated to cultivation of groundnut crops, now is the host of this annual carnival.

Do you want to 'Go Nutty at this year's Kadalekkai Parshe?'

Photo Walk Details

Dates       : November 29, 2021

Duration  : 7.30AM - 11.30 AM

Approach: 40 minute class/ Debrief 

                  Half day walk + on-field guidance

                  Online image Review

Cost         : 2,200/- INR (inc of modules &



"Loved the photo walk to the Kadalekkai Parishe"


Photographer, 2019 Student

"Photography Walk with Hema, to the Groundnut Annual Fair was very interesting. I have done a few courses with her and learnt a lot. This walk was so colourful and we had several subjects to photograph.

Hema guided me to make good images from the scenes I saw. This time, I learnt new techniques from Hema like panning, slow shutter and zoom effect. I highly recommend Hema's photo walks, and really like going with her"

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