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travel with US!

 "The World Is A Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page!" - Saint Augustine


As photographers, we can read more pages from this Book, as we wish to create compelling images. And, what can be a better way to do this, than to travel with photographers, with a camera in tow and see the world through the lens?


Experience INDIA!  is a series of photography journeys designed to parts of the diverse country, INDIA, where each state has its unique identity, culture, lifestyle, religion and people. It is a collage of  creative and tasteful characteristics. For photographers, it throws open subjects infinite.


Exclusively and carefully designed for YOU, with a three-fold focus:  

  1. to Experience the place like a Local

  2. to Experiment photography Genres

  3. to Explore essence of  Indian states

Travel with us on these Journeys of Your Lifetime,  to  frame INDIA, like never before.

DISCLAIMER: All these Photo Journeys will be held only if permissible by the Government Covid-19 guidelines during the respective months.


"The Great Living Chola Temples"
experience TAMILNADU

Early 2024

Coming Soon

Jewels of Jaipur - Heritage & Culture
experience RAJASTHAN

To Be Announced

The Jaipur Arch.jpg
I Want to Break Free - Varanasi.jpg

"Sacred City of Varanasi"
experience UTTAR PRADESH

To Be Announced


"Somnathpur, Talakad, Shivasamudram"
experience KARNATAKA

Dates can be customized

Light Frenzy.jpg

"Dev Diwali: VARANASI"
experience UTTAR PRADESH

To be Announced

Coming Soon

"Rann of Kutch, Bhuj & Mandvi"
experience GUJARAT

Early 2024

Coming Soon


THE KASHI YATRA photography journey was incredible. Varanasi is a magical place. The colors, sights and sounds experienced during the four day visit will be etched into my memory for a long time.  Thanks to Hema and Rags (with their, technical guidance, on-the-field anytime), I captured poignant frames on my camera too. The trip was meticulously planned and great fun. The unhurried pace allowed the group to retread its steps & to experience the atmosphere of the ghats & alleyways. We ventured off the beaten track to a temple & a village, tasted local food. You organized it perfectly & we stayed at an exceptional hotel. I had a brilliant time. Thank YOU!"         

- Robin Paxton, Photographer & Journalist, UK

“THE HASSAN TRIANGLE' photography journey to Belur, Halebidu & Shravanabelagola over a weekend was excellent. The trip was extremely well planned & organised. Hema & Rags had enough 1x1 opportunities with us, to focus on specific skills or inspiration, for framing the perfect shot. Time was allocated for a workshop on few basic concepts, techniques to capture the grandeur in architecture & monuments, & for reviewing images to appreciate varied perspectives. A wonderful weekend of exploring historical sites, admiring the countryside & meeting new people.  My next photography adventure trip awaits!”

- Pauline Pettinella, Avid Photographer Australia

'' THE LADAKH ODYSSEY: Was this worth the fatigue, jet lag and time of flying half way around the world from the US - ABSOLUTELY.  An incredible trip with Hema and Rags. A combination of the most majestic scenery, historic monasteries and the two most approachable, knowledgeable photo leads willing to share their expertise to help you and your camera freeze the moments. Not an easy trip to set up - but Hema and Rags had organized  a fantastic support team - local guides, drivers and hotels, so the trip progressed seamlessly through snow storms, landslides requiring a change in the itinerary. Their technical photography workshops were great and their patience, enthusiasm and guidance out in the field - suggesting better compositions and help with technical camera issues were never ending.  I want to say this was a Trip of my Lifetime - but am refraining as I hope there will be more to come!!


If ever you have the opportunity to accompany Hema and Rags on such an adventure, I thoroughly recommend you jump at it without thinking twice.

- Helen Towers, Avid Photographer, USA - 2016

"AJANTA & ELLORA" was an exceptional photography trip I undertook with Hema & Rags, to the Secret Chambers of Ajanta and Ellora Caves! The four days were spent witnessing and framing the UNESCO sites  like I never imagined. Initial workshop was beneficial & the huge amount of inputs, given by both, on field,   helped me in sharpening my skills.  Thank you for having taken me to the  next level in photography; I shot using  the Manual mode for the first time! Best wishes for the future trips.

- Dr. Subash S, Jayadeva Hospital, BLR

''THE CALLING OF PUSHKAR' was a Journey of my Lifetime! I still dream of the wonderful time I had. Well organised & thoughtfully planned out, we had much to see, experience & learn - with personal time to rest, shop & form friendships. The place of stay, food & pre-trip communications, pace & activities were super. I loved the camel cart rides. Excellent  value for the money! This is the 4th workshop I’ve done with Hema & the best so far. She attracts a  great group of people. Thank you so very much  Hema & Rags - my travel from Dubai, was worth it!

- Glynns Thomas, Avid Photographer USA

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