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"Chambers of Secrets"

Photo Trip to the Ajanta & Ellora Caves

experience MAHARASHTRA

“Architecture  should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness” - Frank  Gehry

India's pride, UNESCO Heritage caves of Ajanta and Ellora are a standing testimony to timeless Indian heritage and architecture. It is one of India’s best preserved sites that gives you an opportunity to go into the lost world of the Jataka Tales. 'Architecture arouses sentiments in humans. The architect's task therefore is to make those sentiments more precise.' Anyone will experience the sentiments of wonder, awe, admiration and respect, when standing amidst these intricately carved and sculpted 64 Caves. 

This photography trip is your opportunity to frame these extravagant heritage structures and UNESCO world heritage of Maharashtra.  It is your Time Travel from BC to AD! Also, be dazzled by the Mini Taj Mahal and the splendid, Daulatabad Fort.

What 'Team 2017' had

to say...

- Gail Hogg

Photographer, UK

"We had a fabulous trip to Ajanta & Ellora.  The caves are an outstanding place. Awe inspiring.

So glad that I came on this photo trip.

The photography workshop was truly good on what all we could do at the sites. I really was left feeling inspired, after the session. Thank you so much Hema for making me experience this part of India."


Dates        :   To be Announced


Cost          :  37,000/-  (twin-share + GST)

Genre       :    





"Journey to UNESCO sites was a one-of-a-kind experience for me"


Former American, lives & works

for Idian NGO [2015 Partcipant]

“The photography trip with Hema Narayanan Photography to the UNESCO World   Heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora was really a great experience. These sites were magical and Hema's well planned trip, attention to details & professionalism,   above all, made it highly memorable.   


Being a photography expedition, Hema's & Rags’s knowledge, expertise in photography & constant guidance & tips along the way was a source of great help;  as well as her initial workshop provided.  Thank you both, for a great & one-of-a-kind experience!”

Participant Experiences

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