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Journey to the Sacred & Ancient City of Varanasi

experience UTTAR PRADESH

The Kashi Yatra

"Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, & looks twice as old as all of them put together"Mark Twain

Step into the blindingly colourful, unbelievably chaotic and the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city - VARANASI or BANARAS or KASHI - a place which can surprise and shock you at the same time, where spirituality and carefree attitude integrate seamlessly, where one can witness the confluence of Life and Death. Kashi showcases various facets of life, in its raw, rustic and real form. River Ganga absorbs anything that comes its way. People throng for salvation. One must not miss this photography journey to the most sacred city of India - you may transform from being a ‘photographer’ to a ‘photojournalist’, to document all that you ‘SEE’ through your lens!  Savour your moments with the great River Ganges.

Come... Experience a bit of Uttar Pradesh. Experience INDIA.


Dates       :  MARCH 2022 (TBA)

Duration  : 

Cost         :   32,500/- INR (on twin-share basis)     


Genres      : 

Availability : 12 Seats


Know Your HOP

What 'Team 2019'  has to say...

"Everything was planned and executed so perfectly by Hema. The choice of the Hotel made for us was absolutely wonderful and the food was delicious, giving the local flavour of Varanasi. The pace of the trip was hectic and intense but I loved it as this is how a Photography Trip should be as we need to utilize the hours of Good Light. Thanks to Hema.

It was a very unique trip and an absolute value for money. End of it, its the Experience that counts and I totally loved it. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I highly recommend this trip to everyone. The place, Hema and the guides have weaved the magic for me and all of us. Thank You."


Software  Manager & Photographer

[2019 Participant]

Moments on the Photo Tours...

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