An Ode to Border Roads Organization

B.R.O. Says...

Project       : Border Roads Organisation [Road Builders in the Himalayan states]


About BRO : 'Life is a Journey. Complete IT'  –  read, one of the captions of a yellow Milestone on the  roads of Ladakh. Besotted by this profound line that so simply,  yet emphatically cautioned travellers to drive carefully in the harsh terrains of the Greater Himalayas of Ladakh,  gridlocked amidst the gigantic mountains,  I looked out for the thought-provoking "captions" put up by  BRO, all through the rugged routes of Ladakh. Some liners could even give the leading advertising agencies, a run for their money.


 Off the 18 divisions of BRO across India,  HIMANK  constructs roads  in Ladakh. 

A young Gorkha solider, Amit Thapa, at the Khardungla Pass says, "At this high altitude vulnerable place  at 18,500 feet, the hills of the Himalayas are like his family - he wakes up to them, guards them, and sleeps watching them. Each day, at times he  hopes that nature does not cast its fury.  Yet, serving at the Indian border is a matter of pride and serving nature by helping with flash floods, helping people who come to that height and trying to protect border - that's the only life he has seen since he became an adult"


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