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Soak in the colours & Heritage of Jaipur

experience RAJASTHAN

Jewels of Jaipur

Jaipur is the gateway to Incredible India's most flamboyant state of Rajasthan.  Just a look at the glorious stucco structures and buildings in Jaipur and you will know why this is nicknamed, 'The Pink City'. From Palaces, to Forts, to Mahals, to unique temples, to step-wells to Bazaars, to artisanship, Jaipur has a lovely blend of everything. It's a heady brew of both the old and the new and a haven for photographers and travellers. 

This October, Come join me as wesoak in the flavours, colours and heritage of Jaipur and  frame the so called, Jewels of Jaipur.

Experience Rajasthan. Experience INDIA!


Jaroka of Jaipur.jpg

Dates       : February 2022 (TBA)

Duration  : 

Cost         :   29,900/- INR (on twin-share)     


Genres      : 

Availability : 10 Seats


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