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CRY used the pictorials  generated from this campaign, to help increase awareness - through an exhibition at Rangoli Metro Gallery Bangalore, in August 2013 and through moving exhibitions, pan India.


I want to Learn. Not Work.

CRY (Childs Rights and You) ran an awareness campaign 'CLICKS RIGHTS' in 2013. Aim was to identify issues that under-privileged children, face that becomes a hindrance to go to school.  Worked on this project, covering few large slums and Government schools in the city of Bengaluru, with the aim to analyze and frame these issues through the medium of photography.


People attribute poverty as the only reason, but there are several hard-hitting ones, which is seldom known - such as, long distances to school, sibling care, child labour, lack of infrastructure, gender discrimination, non-functional toilets, harsh living conditions, shift in priorities among parents and families due to poverty, to name a few.



Clicks Rights - a campaign by CRY

Rangoli Metro Art Gallery - MG Road, Bangalore

The Exhibition - Click Rights

Issues that are hindrances to an unprivileged child's Education

Utter Poverty is one of the key reasons...

Harsh Living conditions all around...

Child Labour - they learn young to work, rather than study

Taking care of Sibling snatches the opportunity to study...

Smaller infrastructures...

Two classes run in the same classroom by one teacher...

DSC _6128

Does he want to carry the load of vegetables or books?, one wonders...

Shoddy restrooms are reasons for girl kids to stay away...

Long walking distances is another main reason


Visitors are keen to learn...

Lot of visitors - quite a few footfalls raising awareness among people

Describing the initiative and the effort involved


The Collage!

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