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Metropol Parasol


Seville - Medieval Quarter in Spain

Called locally as 'Las Setas' (the Mushrooms) ,  the Metropol Parasol can take any visitor by absolute surprise and leave them in awe.

Call it a Mushroom or a giant sunshade, which is what, it's German architect, Jürgen Mayer-Hermann, based his design on, is well deservingly stated to be the world's largest wooden structure. Located in the Plaza La Encarnacion square, in the old quarter of  the beautiful city of Seville, in Spain, Metropol Parasol is most certainly a formidable sight, with its form, colour and abstract shape. This structure is built pillars that remarkably resemble a mushroom and has unexampled undulating honeycombed roof.  Roman ruins discovered near here during its construction have been preserved in its foundations and are on show at Museo Antiquarium, in the basement of the plaza.


It's an experience to run up this 30 meters high structure  and the winding walkway makes you carry fluttering butterflies in your stomach, as one goes higher the Parasol. The designer truly has created a structure, rare and exclusive and gifted its visitors some of the jaw-dropping city views of Seville.  Don't miss to have a cup of Coffee at the Cafe at the top.

Album contains Images from the top of the Metropol Parasol...

Stairway to Seville

Stairway to Seville !

Seville - Spanish old quarter of the medieval city

Something Special about Seville...

Located in the Plaza La Encarnacion square

This is the "Metropol Parasol"

Call it 'The Mushroom' or 'The Giant Sunshade'...

...this is the basis of the design ideology by Mayer Architects


Designed to offer shade to people in a city as hot as Seville, it aimed to liven up the city square!

30-meter-high alluring structure which one can happily climb...

...this colossal building built of Timber is just be held mostly with epoxy resin aka Glue!

The Metropolitan Maze!

Winding Wooden and iron steps leading up...

...a climb governed by lines and twists

..which leads to breathtaking views of the city!

Its design is radical, given it’s interweaving waffle-like wooden panels...

Seville - Birds Eye View

This has gone on to become a jaw-dropping new landmark of Seville...

Don't miss having a cuppa coffee up there...

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