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A boat ride along the Ganges, a dawn rowing boat ride - is a quintessential Varanasi experience. One cannot fully experience Varanasi without gliding through the waters of the River Ganga. 


Many think that  the majesty of the Ganga is best appreciated as the sun is rising and setting. I totally concur. The morning boat ride opens up an experience of the red sun rising in the east, shining on pilgrims as they start their bathing rituals. While the evening is sombre and celebratory, with the Ganga Arathi - a gorgeous choreographed fire ritual offered every evening at the Main Ghat.

This Photo Story is about the Boats, its colours and its oar-men, who tirelessly ferry people up and down the Holy Ganga Ma.

The City of Varanasi

..has ITS STORY.

Ghats of Kashi get abuzz with people

Boats are the means to an end

They ferry pilgrims across Ganges

They await the devotees

Every Pilgrim is eager to step on the Ghat

Sunrise is Magical

Approaching Kashi is dream for many

Colours are ever changing..

There is a sense of peace and bliss

Boats of Banaras

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