Aura of the Night

Workshop on 'Night' Photography

Do you like the Aura of the Night?

Have you wanted to shoot at Night?

Never learned, but yearned to do so?


Images of night scenes never fail to impress. Night-time images have great ambiance, something which is often absent in flat, bright, daylight photos. Skillful Night and low-light photographs can look simply incredible and depict a place in a totally unique flavour. They are challenging for the Photographer, yes, but it enhances his/her expertise with the Camera and is a very rewarding Genre in Photography.



"So totally worth it - the Night workshop with Hema"


Aspiring Photographer, Germany

Batch of 2019 

Night Photography workshop was amazing learning experience for me...learning more and more to capture the pictures in the dusk and the dark. Great package of fun with learning..

I always  thought of some better way of photography

and luckily i heard about courses conducted by  Hema. Without thinking twice I registered even without a camera at that moment. I just wanted to attend her course as this is  what i was searching for long. I loved the workshop. Thanks Hema

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