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Soak in the Mewar Festival & Heritage of Udaipur

experience RAJASTHAN

Mehfil of Mewar & Udaipur

Of the innumerable festivals that mark the onset of the Spring season in Rajasthan, none is more colourful than the Mewar & Gangaur festivals.   What can be a more befitting place for this festival than, the 'City of Lakes' - Udaipur, known as the crown jewel of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the ridges of the Aravalli Hills, Udaipur is a magical mosaic and a place of confluence of Heritage, Culture, Festivals, Nature and Architecture.

The Aura of the Mewar & Gangaur festivals welcoming the harvest season  immerses the whole city in colours and vibrancy. It has a  sense of legacy that’s associated with it.  The rich Indian Heritage of Udaipur - in the form of its Palaces, Havelis and temples dating back to centuries, challenges any photographer to do justice to its exquisiteness and grandeur, in their frames.

This March, Come join me as wesoak in the flavours, sounds and moods of Mewar and  frame the historical heritage and natural treasures  of Udaipur!

Experience Rajasthan. Experience INDIA!



Dates       :  To be Announced

Duration  : 

Cost         :   34,700/- INR (on twin-share basis)     


Genres      : 

Availability : 14 Seats


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Find Your Genre.  Learn the Art of Photography.

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