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Nuts and Bolts

Basics of Digital Photography Workshop

Do you love the Art of Photography? 

Do you admire the Camera in your hand?

Have you wanted to move away from the  curse of the AUTO  buttons?

Give ME a Day of YOUR time and I will make you a Better Photographer!

Equipping yourself with the Basics of Digital Photography' is crucial for learning about the potent device you hold in your hands!


Dates       : March 2023

Duration  : 1.5 days + Image Review

Cost         : 6300/- or 6900/- INR (inc of 

                   3 modules + Course Content)                 

Venue      : Student premise / Hotel Hire

"You instruct based on one's strength & weakness"


Aspiring Photographer, USA

“The Nuts & Bolts workshop was excellent & exactly what I need to improve my photography.  I very much enjoyed being with you & the other students at Lalbagh.  I think you give fabulous & personal instructions based on the strength & weakness of a student. I like your fun approach to it all.        


I highly recommend your course & look forward to field trips. Thank you Hema!”


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