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Capture old-world Bangalore

Experiential Photo Walk to Malleshwaram

CAPTURE CHARM OF OLD BANGALORE is an experiential photography trip, to different parts of OLD Bangalore. This provides you with an opportunity to frame the older parts of this metropolitan city, some known and some kept a secret. Some parts of this sprawling city remain untouched by the urban development or chaos, however some have undergone urban changes inspite of retaining the te aura of the old time charm.

This experiential Photo Walk is to a very old residential cum cultural hub, called MALLESHWARAM. Dotted with Temples, shops, local eateries, markets, this place has a quintessential touch of the Bengaluru that once upon a time was predominant. Though there is a subtle intruson of modern world into its streets, it still oozes with the old world charm. Come Shivarathri or any festivity, it becomes more colorful.

Photo Walk Details

Dates       : Wait for 2020 !

Duration  : 8.30AM - 12.30/1 PM

Approach: Short Debrief + 

                  Shoot on the Field

                  Image Review

Cost         : 2,500/- INR (inc. of Artist's fee)

"You have motivated me to learn the complicated Art"

Thank you Hema, for teaching us and providing your knowledge in such kind, interesting and high professional way!


Thanks for this unique photowalk with you to frame the Ganesha's! 


It was great first experience in understanding and using my camera. You motivated and encouraged me in my attempt to learn complicated art of photography."


Financial Consultant, Germany, 2018